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Bathroom Vanity Colors

Bathroom Vanity Colors that Exude Elegance!

Every detail matters when it comes to achieving your dream bathroom. So, you should pay attention to every single detail, like fixtures, colors, and decor. And guess what? The vanity is one of the essential things that one bathroom should have.

Yes, the bathroom vanity has many functions; one is to serve as a focal point. And, since the bathroom vanity can serve as a focal point, the color you choose it to have will play a vital role in the overall design and atmosphere of the space.

In this blog post, we’ll show you 3 fantastic bathroom vanity colors and how to choose the ideal one to take the appearance of your bathroom to the next level!

Pick One of The Following 3 Bathroom Vanity Color Ideas:

1. Blue Bathroom Vanity: An Elegant Option!

Blue Bathroom Vanity: An Elegant Option!

Consider a blue bathroom vanity if you are about to paint your existing bathroom vanity or want to buy a new one. Blue is an elegant and versatile color that can seamlessly match many others.

Since blue is an easy palette to work with, you can let your imagination fly and add details to improve the curb appeal; for an elevated look and contrast to the blue tone, try adding golden or silver colors. Touches of golden color in the handles will always look fantastic.

If you want a vanity that exudes elegance and is easy to match with others, opt for a blue bathroom vanity.

2. Black Bathroom Vanity

Black Bathroom Vanity

Add a bit of drama by getting a black bathroom vanity. If you love contemporary designs, you need to try the black color. This color will create a minimalistic style,

Black is a classic and versatile color that allows you to choose from an enormous list of colors to pair with. A black bathroom vanity is all you need to establish an elegant and relaxing space.

The dark hue feels elegant and chic and creates a sophisticated and classic vibe that can complement various decor styles. By using a patterned floor finish or mixing intricate details in the soft finishes, your bathroom will be unique!

3. Grey Bathroom Vanity

Grey Bathroom Vanity

If you want to create a fresh ambiance, opt for a crisp grey bathroom vanity. This option provides a clean look to modern minimalistic bathrooms,”.

If you have had a stressful day, the bathroom is a place you can relax. Therefore, you should create an ambiance that provides peace of mind. If that is the case, then go for a grey bathroom vanity. In psychology, this color represents purity, cleanliness, and peacefulness, perfect in a bathroom.

But wait, because its benefits go beyond, in addition to its association with purity and cleanliness, white is also a popular bathroom vanity color because it is guaranteed to match any color scheme.

How To Choose the Ideal Bathroom Vanity Color?

We all want every nook and cranny of our property to look the best possible, right? Adding a new and fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to achieve that, but it cannot be done randomly.

Although your style and preferences are the most important when choosing bathroom vanity colors, other factors will help you get astonishing results. Some of them are:

❖ Existing Decor:

Since we want your bathroom to look the best possible, a vital thing to consider is the existing decor to ensure that everything matches seamlessly. So, take a look at your bathroom and see the color of your existing decor, bathroom accent wall, etc. This way, you can choose a bathroom vanity color that matches seamlessly with the rest of the room.

❖ Type of Paint:

Type of Paint

The type of paint you choose matters; it will define the sheen and quality. Different types of paint have different levels of resistance to stain and durability.

For example, in the case of satin vs. matte paint, you may want to use satin because it works very well in humid areas. This type of paint is resistant to moisture and dirt.

In contrast, matte paint creates sophisticated, subtle, velvety & delicate indoor surfaces, but this should be low-traffic and dry rooms like bedrooms, so it probably won’t work well in your bathroom. And that is where the importance of considering the type of paint comes from.

❖ Light and Size of the Room:

Yes, light and color are two important things to consider before choosing the ideal color. These two factors have the power to change the intensity of colors.

So, if you have a small bathroom with poor light, you should go for light colors. On the other hand, if your bathroom has a great space with a significant amount of light, you can opt for darker colors.

Let’s Take Your Bathroom Style to the Next Level!

Let’s Take Your Bathroom Style to the Next Level!

Bathroom vanities are practical and sophisticated; they are perfect for upgrading the appearance of your bathroom and creating a special place dedicated to your self-care! There are several bathroom vanity colors, shapes, and styles. So, ensure to choose the one that likes you the most.

And, if you are ready to take your bathroom style to the next level, you can count on the professionals from Next Level Painting. Hiring professionals will always be the best option to ensure that you will have results exactly as you imagined them.

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